Schedule, The Men's Cricket World Cup 2023

Find the complete schedule of all the teams for the Men’s Cricket World Cup 2023.

India's Schedule

08 Oct, 2023 Sun AustraliaChennai2.00 PM
11th Oct, 2023 WedAfghanistanDelhi2.00 PM
14th Oct, 2023 SatPakistanAhmedabad2.00 PM
19th Oct, 2023 ThuBangladeshPune2.00 PM
22nd Oct, 2023 SunNew ZealandDharamshala2.00 PM
29th Oct, 2023 Sun EnglandLucknow2.00 PM
2nd Nov, 2023 ThuSri LankaWankhade2.00 PM
5th Nov, 2023 Sun South AfricaEdin Gardens2.00 PM
12th Nov, 2023 SunNetherlandsBengaluru2.00 PM

New Zealand's Schedule

05 Oct, 2023 ThuEnglandAhmedabad2.00 PM
09 Oct, 2023 MonNetherlands Hyderabad2.00 PM
13th Oct, 2023 FriBangladesh Chennai2.00 PM
18th Oct, 2023 WedAfghanistanChennai2.00 PM
22nd Oct, 2023 SunIndia Dharamshala2.00 PM
28th Oct, 2023 SatAustralia Dharamshala 10:30AM
01 Nov, 2023 Wed South AfricaPune2.00 PM
4th Nov, 2023 Sat PakistanBengaluru10:30AM
9th Nov, 2023 Thu Sri LankaBengaluru2.00 PM

England's Schedule

05 Oct, 2023 ThuNew ZealandAhmedabad2.00 PM
10 Oct, 2023 TuesBangladeshDharamsala10:00 AM
15th Oct, 2023 SunAfghanistanDelhi2.00 PM
21st Oct, 2023 SatSouth AfricaWankhede 2.00 PM
26th Oct, 2023 Thu Sri LankaBengaluru2.00 PM
29th Oct, 2023 Sun IndiaLucknow2.00 PM
4th Nov, 2023 SatAustraliaAhmedabad2.00 PM
8th Nov, 2023 WedNetherlands Pune2.00 PM
11th Nov, 2023 SatPakistanEdin Gardens2.00 PM

Australia's Schedule

08 Oct, 2023 Sun India Chennai2.00 PM
12th Oct, 2023 Thu South AfricaLucknow2.00 PM
16th Oct, 2023 MonSri LankaLucknow2.00 PM
20th Oct, 2023 Fri PakistanBengaluru 2.00 PM
25th Oct, 2023 Wed NetherlandsDelhi2.00 PM
28th Oct, 2023 Sat New ZealandDharamshala 10:30AM
4th Nov, 2023 Sat EnglandAhmedabad2.00 PM
7th Nov, 2023 Tue Afghanistan Wankhede2.00 PM
11th Nov, 2023 Sat BangladeshPune10:30AM

South Africa's Schedule

07 Oct, 2023 SatSri LankaDelhi 2.00 PM
12th Oct, 2023 ThuAustralia Lucknow2.00 PM
17th Oct, 2023 TueNetherlands Dharamsala2.00 PM
21st Oct, 2023 SatEnglandWankhede 2.00 PM
24th Oct, 2023 TueBangladesh Wankhede2.00 PM
27th Oct, 2023 FriPakistan Chennai2.00 PM
01 Nov, 2023 Wed New Zealand Pune2.00 PM
5th Nov, 2023 Sun India Edin Gardens2.00 PM
10th Nov, 2023 Fri Afghanistan Ahmedabad2.00 PM

Pakistan's Schedule

06 OCT, 2023 FriNetherlandsHyderabad2.00 PM
10th Oct, 2023 Tues Sri LankaHyderabad2.00 PM
14th Oct, 2023 SatIndia Ahmedabad2.00 PM
20th Oct, 2023 FriAustralia Bengaluru 2.00 PM
23rd Oct, 2023 MonAfghanistan Chennai2.00 PM
27th Oct, 2023 FriSouth AfricaChennai2.00 PM
31st Oct, 2023 TueBangladeshEden Gardens2.00 PM
4th Nov, 2023 SatNew ZealandBengaluru10:30AM
11th Nov, 2023 SatEngland Edin Gardens2.00 PM

Netherland's Schedule

06 OCT, 2023 FriPakistanHyderabad2.00 PM
09 Oct, 2023 MonNew ZealandHyderabad2.00 PM
17th Oct, 2023 TueSouth AfricaDharamsala2.00 PM
21st Oct, 2023 SatSri LankaLucknow10:30AM
25th Oct, 2023 WedAustraliaDelhi2.00 PM
28th Oct, 2023 SatBangladesh Eden Gardens2.00 PM
3rd Nov, 2023 Fri Afghanistan Lucknow2.00 PM
8th Nov, 2023 WedEngland Pune2.00 PM
12th Nov, 2023 SunIndiaBengaluru2.00 PM

Sri-Lanka's Schedule

07 Oct, 2023 SatSouth Africa Delhi 2.00 PM
10th Oct, 2023 TuesPakistanHyderabad2.00 PM
16th Oct, 2023 MonAustraliaLucknow2.00 PM
21st Oct, 2023 SatNetherlands Lucknow10:30AM
26th Oct, 2023 ThuEngland Bengaluru2.00 PM
30th Oct, 2023 MonAfghanistan Pune2.00 PM
2nd Nov, 2023 ThuIndia Wankhade2.00 PM
6th Nov, 2023 MonBangladesh Delhi2.00 PM
9th Nov, 2023 ThuNew Zealand Bengaluru2.00 PM

Afghanistan's Schedule

07 Oct, 2023 SatBangladeshDharamsala10:30AM
11th Oct, 2023 WedIndiaDelhi2.00 PM
15th Oct, 2023 Sun EnglandDelhi2.00 PM
18th Oct, 2023 WedNew Zealand Chennai2.00 PM
23rd Oct, 2023 MonPakistanChennai2.00 PM
30th Oct, 2023 MonSri LankaPune2.00 PM
3rd Nov, 2023 Fri NetherlandsLucknow2.00 PM
7th Nov, 2023 Tue AustraliaWankhede2.00 PM
10th Nov, 2023 Fri  South AfricaAhmedabad2.00 PM

Bangladesh's Schedule

07 Oct, 2023 SatAfghanistan Dharamsala10:30AM
10 Oct, 2023 Tues EnglandDharamsala10:00 AM
13th Oct, 2023 FriNew ZealandChennai2.00 PM
19th Oct, 2023 ThuIndia Pune2.00 PM
24th Oct, 2023 TueSouth AfricaWankhede2.00 PM
28th Oct, 2023 SatNetherlandsEden Gardens2.00 PM
31st Oct, 2023 TuePakistanEden Gardens2.00 PM
6th Nov, 2023 Mon Sri LankaDelhi2.00 PM
11th Nov, 2023 SatAustralia Pune10:30AM

The Cricket World Cup, officially known as the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup, is the international championship of One Day International (ODI) cricket. The event is organized every four years by the sport’s governing body, the International Cricket Council (ICC), ranging from a preliminary qualifying round to the final tournament.
The tournament is one of the most watched sporting events in the world and is considered by the ICC to be the “major event of the international cricket calendar”.
The first World Cup was held in England in June 1975, just four years before the first ODI cricket match was played.

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