2024 T20 World Cup | USA and West Indies

2024 T20 World Cup

The USA and the Caribbean will host the 2024 T20 World Cup from June 1–29.
From June 1 to June 29, 2024, the United States and the West Indies will co-host it.

Matches from this 2024 T20 World Cup competition will be played in the US for the first time. The tournament will feature 55 matches spread over nine locations.

The tournament will open with the USA vs Canada match. Pakistan and India are listed in the same group.
On June 9, India and Pakistan will face off in the group stage match.

2024 T20 World Cup

Table of Contents

Team for 2024 T20 World Cup

New ZealandAustralia
Afghanistan West Indies
Sri- LankaNetherlands
IrelandSouth Africa
Papua New GuineaNamibia


Group A

Group BGroup CGroup D
IndiaAustraliaNew ZealandSouth Africa
PakistanEnglandWest IndiesSri Lanka
IrelandOmanPapua New GuineaNepal

Schedule 2024 T20 World Cup

Sun Jun 2, 2024USA vs CANADADallas12:30 AM
Sun Jun 2, 2024WEST INDIES vs PAPUA NEW GUINEAGuyana7:30 PM
Sun Jun 2, 2024NAMIBIA vs OMANBarbados11:30 PM
Mon Jun 3, 2024SRI LANKA vs SOUTH AFRICANew York7:30 PM
Mon Jun 3, 2024AFGHANISTAN vs UGANDAGuyana7:30 PM
Tue Jun 4, 2024ENGLAND vs SCOTLANDBarbados7:30 PM
Wed Jun 5, 2024NETHERLANDS vs NEPALDallas12:30 AM
Wed Jun 5, 2024INDIA vs IRELANDNew York8:30 PM
Wed Jun 5, 2024PAPUA NEW GUINEA vs UGANDAGuyana11:30 PM
Wed Jun 5, 2024AUSTRALIA vs OMANBarbados11:30 PM
Thu  Jun 6, 2024USA vs PAKISTANDallas8:30 PM
Thu Jun 6, 2024NAMIBIA vs SCOTLANDBarbados11:30 PM
Fri Jun 7, 2024CANADA vs IRELANDNew York7:30 PM
Fri Jun 7, 2024NEW ZEALAND vs AFGHANISTANGuyana7:30 PM
Sat Jun 8, 2024SRI LANKA vs BANGLADESHDallas12:30 AM
Sat Jun 8, 2024NETHERLANDS vs SOUTH AFRICANew York7:30 PM
Sat Jun 8, 2024AUSTRALIA vs ENGLANDBarbados7:30 PM
Sat Jun 8, 2024WEST INDIES vs UGANDAGuyana11:30 PM
Sun Jun 9, 2024INDIA vs PAKISTANNew York8:30 PM
Sun Jun 9, 2024OMAN vs SCOTLANDAntigua11:30 PM
Mon Jun 10, 2024SOUTH AFRICA vs BANGLADESHNew York7:30 PM
Tue Jun 11, 2024PAKISTAN vs CANADANew York7:30 PM
Tue Jun 11, 2024SRI LANKA vs NEPALFlorida7:30 PM
Tue Jun 11, 2024AUSTRALIA vs NAMIBIAAntigua11:30 PM
Wed Jun 12, 2024USA vs INDIANew York8:30 PM
Wed Jun 12, 2024WEST INDIES vs NEW ZEALANDTrinidad and Tobago11:30 PM
Thur Jun 13, 2024ENGLAND vs OMANAntigua7:30 PM
Thur Jun 13, 2024BANGLADESH vs NETHERLANDSSt Vincent7:30 PM
Thur Jun 13, 2024AFGHANISTAN vs PAPUA NEW GUINEATrinidad and Tobago11:30 PM
Fri Jun 14, 2024USA vs IRELANDFlorida7:30 PM
Fri Jun 14, 2024SOUTH AFRICA vs NEPALSt Vincent7:30 PM
Fri Jun 14, 2024NEW ZEALAND vs UGANDATrinidad and Tobago11:30 PM
Sat Jun 15, 2024INDIA vs CANADAFlorida8:30 PM
Sat Jun 15, 2024NAMIBIA vs ENGLANDAntigua11:30 PM
Sat Jun 15, 2024AUSTRALIA vs SCOTLANDSt Lucia11:30 PM
Sun Jun 16, 2024PAKISTAN vs IRELANDFlorida7:30 PM
Sun Jun 16, 2024BANGLADESH vs NEPALSt Vincent7:30 PM
Sun Jun 16, 2024SRI LANKA vs NETHERLANDSSt Lucia11:30 PM
Mon Jun 17, 2024NEW ZEALAND vs PAPUA NEW GUINEATrinidad and Tobago7:30 PM
Mon Jun 17, 2024WEST INDIES vs AFGHANISTANSt Lucia11:30 PM
Wed Jun 19, 2024A2 vs D1Antigua7:30 PM
Wed Jun 19, 2024B1 vs C2St Lucia11:30 PM
Thur Jun 20, 2024C1 vs A1Barbados7:30 PM
Thur Jun 20, 2024B2 vs D2Antigua11:30 PM
Fri Jun 21, 2024B1 vs D1St Lucia7:30 PM
Fri Jun 21, 2024A2 vs C2Barbados11:30 PM
Sat Jun 22, 2024A1 vs D2Antigua7:30 PM
Sat Jun 22, 2024C1 vs B2St Vincent11:30 PM
Sun Jun 23, 2024A2 vs B1Barbados7:30 PM
Sun Jun 23, 2024C2 vs D1Antigua11:30 PM
Mon Jun 24, 2024B2 vs A1St Lucia7:30 PM
Mon Jun 24, 2024C1 vs D2St Vincent11:30 PM
Wed Jun 26, 2024T.B.C. vs T.B.C.Guyana11:30 PM
Thur Jun 27, 2024T.B.C. vs T.B.C.Trinidad and Tobago11:30 PM
Sat Jun 29, 2024T.B.C. vs T.B.C.Barbados11:30 PM

India's 2024 T20 World Cup Schedule

Wed Jun 5, 2024INDIA vs IRELANDNew York8:30 PM
Sun Jun 9, 2024INDIA vs PAKISTANNew York8:30 PM
Wed Jun 12, 2024USA vs INDIANew York8:30 PM
Sat Jun 15, 2024INDIA vs CANADAFlorida8:30 PM


How many times India has won the t20 world cup ?

India won the T20 World Cup in 2007 under the captency of MS Dhoni, defeating Pakistan at Wanderers Stadium in Johannesburg. This was the first edition of the T20 World Cup. South Africa hosted the event.

T20 world cup 2024 host country

United States and the West Indies will co-host the T20 world cup 2024

T20 World Cup 2024 date

The USA and the Caribbean will host the 2024 T20 World Cup from June 1–29.

Ticket sales for the 2024 T20 World Cup?

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